Aspects of Globalisation

Here you will find information regarding the topic of globalisation...


A Global Contract Based on Climate Justice

A short outline on how a climate agreement should be structured. More


The Club of Rome

Visit the international website of the Club of Rome, get informed about the "Limits to Growth" and browse through the list of publications. More


Climate Change - Communication and Collaboration

Translating awareness into Collective Action. This is the documentation of the symposium held at MODUL University in Vienna, Austria on 16 June 2010. More


UNDP Human Development Index (HDI)

In contrast to the country comparison of the World Bank, the Human Development Index not only considers the per capita income but also the life expectancy and the level of education, determined by the number of years that a 25-year old has spent in school and the duration of the education of a 50-year old throughout his life. More


Kommittee for a Democratic UN (KDUN)

The KDUN campaigns for democratisation and a strengthening of the United Nations as well as other international organisations. Here you will find a very informative publication series to download.  More


Topics Page of the Forum Ökosoziale Marktwirschaft (FÖS)

This website offers information about topics like the ecological tax reform, resource efficiency and climate financing.  More