21.04.2015 - 16:38

Austrian Society for European Policy demands sustainable growth strategy

The Austrian Society for European Policy has published its new policy brief, claiming a new, sustainable growth strategy for Europe and for the whole world which is the condition for an ecological and social revolution.

The new growth strategy was published by Kurt Bayer who is a member of the Society. The social democrat was top official in the Ministry of Finance in Vienna and representative of Austria at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in London.

The strategy consists of the three columns economy (income), social cohesion (labour market, welfare, distribution) and environment and suggests to implement them in a sustainable way. The main goal is to enhance the welfare of the European people.

According to Bayer, possible measures are for example:

  • an investment policy that is ecologically and socially-oriented with the focuses on research and development, training, social cohesion and environmental investments,
  • a regulation reform with regulations in the field of competition, labour market, traffic, energy and environmental protection that encourages behaviour which increases quality of life and that prohibit harmful behaviour.
  • the provision of a „green“ infrastructure.

You can find all previously released policy briefs on the website of the Austrian Society for European Policy in form of a PDF file for download!