Campaign: €5 Against Ignorance

Do you have a website and want to encourage your visitors to think about something more? Then we can help you to set a great example!

At the moment, there are far too few people willing to do something for the greater good or willing to become part of the system that is now fighting for better conditions for our world economy. You can apply for a licence to use the Global Marshall Plan logo and support the Initiative with just €5 per month in our common fight against ignorance.

On that account, you will have the right to display the original Global Marshall Plan logo, as well as the logo of this campaign on your website. By connecting it with our website ,you will be expressing your involvement with our dynamic cause and indicate your participation in this campaign.

You can download the licence application here (in German).

Note: The licence for the use of the Global Marshall Plan Logo can also be requested without involvement in this campaign. Find out more here.