Coordination Group

Some of the more than 200 the Global Marshall Plan Initiative supporting organizations constituted themselves as coordination circle for the Global Marshall Plan Initiative in December 2010. Together, they take on the work of the former “Steering- Committee”.

The Coordination Group develops strategic and content wise positions of the Global Marshall Plan Initiative, decides upon the support of projects and inherits the content wise responsibility for the annual meetings for the initiative.

The following organizations are members of the Coordinating Group:

  1. Deutsche Gesellschaft Club of Rome
  2. Global Marshall Plan Foundation
  3. Ökosoziales Forum Europa
  4. Ökosoziales Studierendenforum Österreich
  5. Peter Hesse Stiftung
  6. Stiftung Weltvertrag
  7. ThinkCamp gem. eG

The Coordination Group is financed by the Global Marshall Plan Foundation, is open and democratic and is planned to grow further in the future. The group has monthly telephone conferences and publishes its decisions are published in the Global Marshall Plan Newsletter.


German Association: Club of Rome

The central idea of the German Association of the Club of Rome (DGCoR) is a model of sustainable development, that takes into account the needs of both present and future generation and also considers the limited resources and a limited capacity of our ecosystem. The DGCoR maintains a global perspective in which complex relations and a long time frame is emphasized.

Represented by: Uwe Möller

Global Marshall Plan Foundation

The Global Marshall Plan Foundation is a Non-Profit organisation based in Hamburg. Founded in 2003, the organisation offers a variety of services. The Foundation offers funding and support to activities and projects that promote the Global Marshall Plan Initiative, provides organisational leadership of the Global Marshall Plan Academy, provides speakers for public events and also offers support in the organisation of “University days for an Eco-Social Market Economy and Sustainability".

Represented by: Frithjof Finkbeiner

Ökosoziales Forum Europa

The Ecosocial Forum Europe, a Think-tank and non-profit organisation in Austria, chaired by the former EU Commissioner Franz Fischler, is devoted to promoting the concept of an "Ecosocial Market Economy". Ecosocial Market Economy refers to an economic model, which is based on establishing a balance between economic, ecological und social sustainabilty in the respective cultural context.

Contact person: Klemens Riegler


The ÖSSFO (eco-social student’s forum) is a group of students and graduates, who apply themselves and make other students acquaint with the purposes of the Global Marshall Plan and the eco-social market economy by organizing events and other awareness-raising activities. Furthermore, their Master's Thesis-Portal "GO EcoSocial" facilitates scientific deepening about the eco social market economy.

Contact Person: Bernadette Gruber


The Peter-Hesse-Foundation "SOLIDARITY IN PARTNERSHIP for ONE world in diversity" was created on December 7, 1983 in Düsseldorf, Germany, to sustain private initiatives aiming at giving deprived children in Haiti a chance. In the course of years, the engagement widened to the field of social, ecological and economical world-wide development, especially the support of children, for a world in balance.


Contact person: Peter Hesse



The Global Contract Foundation

The Global Contract Foundation works to develop a contextual concept for the drafting of agreements and contracts, which would be presented to decision makers across politics, business and civil society and essentially guarantee that the global economy functions for the benefit of all humans. It is also the Foundations goal to raise awareness of this need, not only for decision makers but also the general public.

Represented by: Ulrich Martin Drescher

ThinkCamp gem eG

ThinkCamp gem eG works to inspire, connect and support those who are actively providing impetus, concepts, models and results for the establishment of sustainable development and a balanced world. It promotes “Community Development” and “Eco-Social-Entrepreneurship und Intrapreneurship”, is facilitator and offers Coaching for the development and implementation of breakthrough innovations and creative educational programs. 

Contact person: Johannes Pfister