Creating Awareness with The Change Chocolate

More and more active supporters and local groups of the Initiative use "The Change Chocolate" of Plant-for-the-Planet to build awareness of global framework conditions.
Most people love chocolate. But buying chocolate and doing something good at the same time? What could be better?! Another great advantage of this product is that it offers us the chance of reaching a new target group. The unfair practices of worldwide trade conditions are trickled down into the chocolate industry. Changing this is something everyone understands - The Change Chocolate is a starting point.

The children of Plant-for-the-Planet are commited to the same purposes as the supporters of the Global Marshall Plan Initiative: A global contract. While the children's idea of the contract is centered on climate justice, the Global Marshall Plan is focused on a more comprehensive vision: A worldwide ecological and social market economy equally. We need to create a global framework for the world economy, which takes the ecological, social and economic needs within our world into account. The Change Chocolate represents advancement in all three of these areas, and it tastes delicious at the same time.

There are already many great examples of how we can reach more people, and win over more friends through The Change Chocolate.

Apart from that, The Change Chocolate is a great present. In the following, we show you a best-practice example for being active with The Change Chocolate:

  • Organize a chocolate tasting!

At a tasting session a few bars of chocolate are offered for tasting. You set yourselves up at an info booth, break the chocolate up into small pieces and offer it lying on the inside of the wrapper – the wrapper is a flyer, as you can read the inside. In addition, we distribute Global Marshall Plan flyers together with The Change-Chocolate flyers, and The Change-Chocolate-posters to achieve additional attention. You start a conversation with sweet eating visitors at your booth. Involve them in a talk about the two initiatives and point out the possibilities for taking action.
A tasting session could take place in supermarkets that already offer The Change Chocolate, public events like sport events or a city festival, at expositions or exhibitions.

This is how it works: 1) ask shops or supermarkets 2) arrange a date 3) order The Change Chocolate, placards, and flyers from the Global Marshall Plan Shop 4) promote action (inform our coordination office) 5) use the chocolate tasting to spread information about the two initiatives.

A chocolate tasting is also an excellent event on Christmas fairs, bazaars, fairs, flea markets etc.!

  • Send the chocolate to your city council and companies in your region!

Some local groups dispatch The Change Chocolate together with info material (Global Marshall Plan and The Change Chocolate flyer) and a short cover note to the mayor, the town councils and regional enterprisers. In the covering note, the concern of the children and our initiative can be explained excellently. To see an an example for a covering note from the local group Mitterteich klick here.

  • Are you an entrepreneur?


Why don’t you give away the good chocolate as a customer present this year! With pleasure we send you our flyer on the Global Marshall Plan and The Change Chocolate, of course free of charge.  


For further information to this project idea, the production and the distributions please check out:


(Photos: Climate ambassodor Lena (9 years) in the monestry Schönau in Strüth, annual meeting 2012)