Mapping Population and Climate Change

The online database from the American NGO Population Action International identifies 26 hot spot countries with a low adaptability to the effects of climate change. More


Corruption Perceptions Index 2011

In their Corruption Perceptions Index, the anti-corruption organisation Transparency International measures the levels of perceived corruption in 183 countries around the world. The CPI country ranking is composed from various different surveys and assessments. Countries are ranked on a scale from 0 (high degree of perceived corruption) to 10 (no perceived corruption). More


International Data Base of the U.S. Census Bureau

Browse through the U.S. Census Bureau's international data base and access demographic data for over 180 countries as well as for different regions. The website lists the current size of population, birth rates, life expectancy, the migration rate and offers projections up to the year 2050. More


Millennium Development Goals Indicator

Welcome to the official MDG Indicators website. This site presents the official data, definitions, methodologies and sources for more than 60 indicators to measure progress towards the Millennium Development Goals. The data and analyses are the product of the work of the Inter-agency and Expert Group (IAEG) on MDG Indicators, coordinated by the United Nations Statistics Division. More


World Economic Outlook Database

The IMF's World Economic Outlook report is published every year. The database offers specific data per country or per region such as national accounts, inflation, unemployment rates, balance of payments, fiscal indicators, trade for countries and country groups (aggregates) as well as projections for the next two years. More