The Development of the Global Marshall Plan Initiative

In the wake of UN conferences, numerous documents have been drafted and agreements passed, all aimed at dealing with the global challenges we face. In practice however, far too few of these agreements have been effectively implemented. In 2003 representatives from science, politics, media, culture, business and various NGOs came together with the goal of working to counter the increasing imbalance that could be seen across humanity. As defined by the original Global Marshall Plan from 60 years ago, and also coined by Al Gore in the 90’S – it was considered that a “Global Eco-social Market Economy” would need to be implemented in order to correct the existing inequality. By linking (Co-) financing with activities aimed at establishing ecological and social standards, a win-win situation should be enabled both for the “North” and the “South”.

In the meantime the Initiative has grown to a network of more than 200 organisations from various countries and communities. The Initiative remains independent, non-partisan, cross cultural and interdenominational.

Thousands of people from around the world have confirmed their support for the Global Marshall Plan Initiative. This includes Franz Alt, Dieter Althaus, Kurt Beck, Prinz El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan, Carl-Eduard von Bismarck, Karlheinz Böhm, Eugen Drewermann, Hans Peter Dürr, Peter Eigen, Benita Ferrero-Waldner, Franz Fischler, Johan Galtung, Heiner Geissler, Hans-Dietrich Genscher, Jane Goodall, Vittorio Hösle, WahuKaara, Sandra Maischberger, Reinhold Messner, Josef Riegler, Vandana Shiva, Klaus Töpfer, Jakob von Uexküll, Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker, Jean Ziegler and Rabbi Michael Lerner.

Through numerous lectures and discussion forums, the sharing of information, the sale of books, the facilitation of networking and targeted lobbying, the Global Marshall Plan works to create awareness about the changes that need to be made.


Who are we trying to reach through the Global Marshall Plan?

The Global Marshall Plan Initiative refers with its deliberations towards various target groups: towards all humans in the world, to apply their knowledge, experiences and ideas into the initiative.

(Photos: Foundational Meeting, 16th of May 2003, Frankfurt a. Main, Germany; Save the World Now Conference, March 2008, Berlin, Germany; World Commons Forum, Salzburg 2009, Austria; Smenos Summer Week, Augsburg 2011, Germany)