If you want to offer financial support to the Global Marshall Plan there are a few different possibilities:


You can donate once, donate to us as a supporter on a regular basis or become a sponsor of the Global Marshall Plan Foundation.  

With your donation you can help to cover the costs for the coordination and promotion of the Initiative and thereby contribute to the realisation of the Initiative's aims. The Global Marshall Plan Foundation only pursues charitable objectives.

Find all yearly reports of the Global Marshall Plan Foundation here.

Our Bank Account Details:
IBAN DE90 7002 0500 0000 2120 00

Credit Card:
For transfer via credit card use the following form of Bank für Sozialwirtschaft: Donation via credit card

If you need a donation receipt, please send us your address. For the donations up to 100€ you get a stamped donation receipt with the bank statement. For the donations above 100€ a separate donation receipt will be generated.

NOTE: Please, inform yourself if your donation is tax deductible in your country.


Personal information
I hereby authorise the Global Marshall Plan Foundation to revocably withdraw the following amount from my account:
If the bank account is not covering the donation amount, the credit institution has no liability to encash.

I / we will transfer the amount of money to:

Global Marshall Plan Foundation

BLZ: 251 205 10
KtoNr: 212

IBAN DE73 2512 0510 0008 4098 00

Personal information
The Global Marshall Plan Foundation is a legal foundation of common law, accredited by the Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg and serves exclusively and directly as a tax-deductible, non-profit for development aid (Tax nr. 17/407/02455). The chairman of the board of directors is Helge Bork, chairman of the board of trustees is Frithjof Finkbeiner. For every amount given you will receive a confirmation of donation for presentation to your local tax revenue office in Germany.
For donations to foundations you can claim up to an additional 20,450 € in yearly tax deductions(applies to income, corporate body and trade taxes, § 10b Abs. 1 Satz 3 EStG, § 9 Abs. 1 Nr. 2 Satz 3KStG, § 9 Nr. 5 Satz 3 GewStG).