The Ecosocial Market Economy

Articles and information on the concept of an Eco-Social Market Economy


Ecosocial Market Economy - For a Stustainable Future

"As an economic policy model the Ecosocial Market Economy is based on the mechanisms of price transparency and the “polluter pays” principle. Only through the global application of these principles can fair competition be achieved more easily." (Policy paper of the Ecosocial Forum Europe, August 2010) More


Forum Ökosoziale Marktwirtschaft (FÖS)

On the website of the "Forum for Ecosocial Market Economy" you will find all types of publications, mainly from the FÖS itself. All publications deal with the core topic of ecological financial reform. More


Holistic Approaches - A Global Contract and the Global Marshall Plan  

In this presentation Franz Josef Radermacher elaborates on the holistic approaches of the Global Marshall Plan and Global Contract. More