Facets of Globalisation

Here you will find various content and interactive activities on the topic of globalisation.


Climate impacts migration

This film by Anna Cavazzini and Christoph Knorr shows how people in the Netherlands and Bangladesh are dealing with rising sea levels due to climate change. More


ARTE short film series: “What to do? Make a stand”

Last year five exciting short films on the topic of a sustainable future were shown in the ARTE series “What to do? Make a stand”. In the five 11 minutes long presentations, renowned Global Marshall Plan Initiative supporters explain concisely and clearly the current situation, what must be done, what they are doing themselves and what individuals can do to help. More


Short film on food speculation from WEED

The film shows how the food market has developed and the roles individual actors, from farmers to hedge fund managers, play in it. More


The Miniature Earth Project

A simple visualisation that helps you picture the unequal distribution of wealth throughout the world: if the world population were a small community of 100 people, but the proportions were the same, then the world would be something like this… More


Worldmapper Project

The Worldmapper Project creates world maps that not areas of individual countries but represent other factors like the number of teenage mothers, the extent of forest depletion or the average commuting time. More


The Bertlelsmann Transformation Atlas

The Bertelmann Transformation Atalas (BTI) is a global ranking that rates the development and transformation processes in 119 countries. The transformation atlas presents the results in a multimedia format. More


MDG Monitor

The MDG monitor measures the progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and shows the achievements of individual countries as well as what must be done to reach the goals by 2015. More