The opening balance sheet demonstrated great idealism, a strong vision and around €150,000 in endowment capital. Of course, the annual interest from this capital was not sufficient to assist the Foundation in reaching their goal of achieving a “World in Balance”. As a result, the Finkbeiner family decided to combine the Foundation's self-given mission with the chance to generate income for the Foundation and started to ship books from their own living room.

Interested individuals received books, and in return supported the Foundation financially, and then continuted receiving books. Later on the family had to build extensive shelving in their garage in order to accommodate the increasing number of books to be dispatched. These books were selected together with assistance from the Robert Jungk Library. Every year more than 100,000 books are sent around the world from the family’s garage in Bavaria. Now in 2011, nearly €3 Million Euro have been raised to support the achievement of a world in balance. This is thanks to the support and faith of thousands of generous donors and sponsors.

Working with great passion and in a highly professional manner, the young team has achieved great feats. The team guarantees a highly efficient and economical allocation of funds. It can also be guaranteed that the book packages that sponsors receive as a thank you for their support are packed throughout winter and summer, in the garage of the founding family. This does not only encourage the team spirit, but also thousands of books, offering highly interesting and important ideas, are sent out around the world.

You can download the latest report with detailled information about the financial situation, or read it online here (german).

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