02.06.2015 - 15:47

From Flensburg to Paris – Climate Alliance pilgrimages for climate protection

The Climate Action Day in Hamburg on 26 September 2015 is planned by the Global Marshall Plan Foundation in cooperation with other member organisations of the Climate Alliance


According to the motto „Climate protection: Go ahead!“ the nationwide Climate Action Day of the Climate Alliance takes place on 26 September this year and focuses on Paris where the UN Climate Conference will take place from 30 November to 11 December this year.

The action day takes place in the context of the ecumenical pilgrimage for climate justice from Flensburg to Paris. On 25 September, pilgrims will be guests in Hamburg Blankenese and in the morning of 26 September, they will cross the Elbe River. Furthermore, an alternative harbour tour in Hamburg, a climate breakfast, film screenings and a „market of the possibilities“ are planned, another planning idea is a boat parade. On the same day, many other decentralised actions will take place in Germany, on the one hand to symbolise the level of civil engagement regarding climate protection to the world, and on the other hand to develop a position paper with proposals concerning the two-degree target.

The Global Marshall Plan Initiative is not only a member of the Climate Alliance, but also participates actively in the organisation of the Climate Action Day in Hamburg and provides premises for the networking meetings of the organisation team here in Hamburg.


For further information on the Climate Action Day and the Climate Alliance, please visit:
Climate Alliance Germany