If you want to support the Global Marshall Plan financially, there are several possibilities to do so: You can donate once, support us as a regular sponsor or you support us as a donor to the Global Marshall Plan Foundation. The Foundation supports and funds processes, services and projects for and within the initiative.

As a non-profit organisation, working at a high level of efficiency and a limited budget, we rely on financial help from our supporters...

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  • For friends and supporters - The "Book-Subscription"

For just 15 EUR (Students 8 EUR) per month, you can support the Global Marshall Plan Foundation and our engagement for a World in Balance. Click here for more info.  



  • Campaign: €5 Against Ignorance

Do you have a website and want to encourage your visitors to think about something more? Then we can help you to set a great example! You can read more about that here.



  • "Aktion: Zeigen Sie Profil!" – Attention: Show your Profile!

The artist and illustrator Björn von Schlippe  from Hamburg, has been supporting the Global Marshall Plan Initiative for many years. In spring 2011, he offered a limited campaign to support the Global Marshall Plan financially. Check out the artistic result here.

There will be another campaign probably around Christmas time. Maybe you will have the possibility to show your profile too!