Global Financial Crisis

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Dirk Solte: Understanding the financial crisis. An opportunity for global action for a sustainable future

Global problems require global answers. We are facing a global crisis: financially, economically, environmentally and socially. The crisis provides the opportunity, unique perhaps, for tying the loose ends of these problems together. Solving these problems will require action at a global level, a political challenge which concerns us all. More


Stamp out Poverty

The “Stamp Out Poverty”-campaign campaigns for additional sources of finance to bridge the massive funding gap required to bring the world’s poorest people out of poverty. One of these sources is the so-called “Robin Hood Tax” or financial transaction tax. More


WEED Report on the role of the ECB in the Financial Crisis

A new report of the World Economics, Environment & Development Association (WEED) analyses the role of the European Central Bank in the forefront of the Global Financial Crisis. The report is the output of a meeting of experts in April 2011 in Berlin. The main speakers were Marica Frangakis (Nicos Poulantzas Institute Athens), Dominique Plihon (University of Paris), Mario Tonveronachi (University of Siena) and Lucas Zeise (Financial Times Germany). More


Contribution by Marica Frangakis about the monetary policy of the ECB

Another outcome of the WEED meeting of experts in Berlin in April 2011 is Marica Frangakis' contribution about the monetary policy of the European Central Bank before and during the crisis. More