Global Financial Crisis

Here you will find multimedia content all about the Global Financial Crisis.


The Robin Hood Tax

This tax on the financial sector has the power to raise hundreds of billions every year globally. Watch the short film "The Banker" to get an idea what the tax is all about. More


The Tobin Tax

Find out about the original Tobin Tax, proposed by James Tobin in 1972. The financing of the UN through national governments is still a widely debated question today. More


Can Pay, Should Pay

A strong call for the introduction of the financial transaction tax. The video says that it is indeed feasible to introduce such a tax and that it could contribute greatly to eradicating poverty. More


The short and simple story of the credit crisis

A short and simple explanation of the current financial crisis and its causes, with a focus on the credit crisis and the subprime mortgage crisis in the US. More


David Harvey explains the crisis of capitalism

The distinguished Professor of Anthropology David Harvey is known worldwide for his critique on global capitalism. In this short and informative lecture, illustrated by RSA Animate, he gives a detailed review of the causes of the current financial crisis and calls for an alternative to the global capitalist system that we have today. More


Explainity explains Eurobonds

The English version of the Explainity channel is now online. Short and entertaining videos explain the workings of the financial market as well as proposed solutions to the crisis like the Eurobonds. Never mind the German accent. More