The Global Marshall Plan Foundation – Fighting for a World in Balance

The Global Marshall Plan Foundation coordinates the process of creating of common and integrated visions for the solution of global issues, on which members of the civil society as well as representatives of economy and politics work together.

The Global Marshall Plan Foundation was established by Karolin and Frithjof Finkbeiner in 2003. Their purpose was the providing of financial and structural support to the Global Marshall Plan Initiative. The Global Marshall Plan Foundation provides the Initiative with the coordinating office, remuneration for employees, website maintenance, printing of more than 100,000 flyers and information materials, assistance with the organisation of annual meetings, the development of a corporate design and also supports awareness-raising projects of individuals and groups financially.

In 2010, the Foundation worked together with partner organisations to organise the first "University Day for Eco-Social Market Economy and Sustainability." Since the successful implementation of such events, the foundation is financing a Project Office in this regard. Employees from the Foundation work to support any students or groups that also want to organise a "University Day". In 2011, the Foundation co-financed the establishment of the online-platform smenos. By doing so, the Foundation provided the possibility for direct exchanges between like-minded activists coming from a variety of networks, thus facilitating a greater opportunity for cooperation on bottom-up projects.

The Foundation also works to support and promote any projects that aim to achieve a world in balance. Free services are offered to active parties and groups that would like to start their own activity to support a Global Marshall Plan. They will receive a separate donations account and the Foundation takes full responsibility for all accounting and book keeping work. This provides active groups with the opportunity to concentrate solely on their project work. When a group is successful in its activities, the activists are always free to pursue an organisational form of their own choice. With this support, the now globally active childrens-initiative Plant-for-the-Planet and the ThinkCamp initiative already had the possibility to grow into an independent organisation. One part of the Foundations young and dynamic team is based in Hamburg, and there is also a branch in Tutzing, Bavaria, working close to the house of the founding family.