The Initiative

The Global Marshall Plan acts as an integrative Platform for a World in Balance. The Initiative is comprised of a network of more than 5000 supporters from all levels of society; politics, business and civil society. These supporters are united in their demand for a fairer model of globalisation. As a broad network, the initiative has specifically organised itself to have a flat hierarchy with no centre. Everyone is invited to participate!

Learn about the visions and strategies employed by dedicated supporters of the Global Marshall Plan Initiative in their pursuit of a fairer globalisation. Find out about the origin of the Global Marshall Plan and also about the history to date. You can also read quotes from prominent members who have already been campaigning for the need for global regulations. See the diversity of the Global Marshall Plan supporters.

The networking and communication amongst members is organised and supported by the coordinating office. The office also acts as the contact point for all questions and concerns. Learn more about the structure and operation! The initiative also works in cooperation with related organisations. You can find a list of these organisations under the menu heading alliances.