23.11.2016 - 14:45

A Marshall Plan with Africa

Germany needs to react to increasing migration with a sustainable concept.
Together with his colleagues Prof. Radermacher published a memorandum that demands the Marshall Plan with Africa.

The European migrant crisis has been dominating the media for well over a year now. And while politicians are still struggling to find proper measures to deal with the constant flow of migrants coming into Europe, the main focus should be on tackling the problem at its source.

With the help of other key members of organizations such as the Club of Rome,Franz Josef Radermacher, who has been an important supporter of the Global Marshall Plan Initiative for almost 14 years now, released a document that urges the German government to further bolster its investment on the African continent, demanding a detailed Marshall Plan.
The memorandum, which goes by the name “Migration, Nachhaltigkeit und ein Marshall Plan mit Afrika” (in English: Migration, Sustainability and a Marshall Plan with Africa), was officially published on November 11th and handed over to German Minister of Development, Dr. Gerd Mueller, at the Bundespressekonferenz (Federal Press Conference).

Based upon the original Marshall Plan that helped building up the German economy and infrastructure after World War II, the plan focuses on supporting the African continent on multiple societal and economic levels. A special attention will be placed on sustainable growth, for example by investing in renewable energy or reforestation.

The ultimate goal will be to establish Africa as a strong and independent member of the global society. Mueller states: “In a globally connected world, everyone will profit from a successful Africa.”       

It remains to be seen if other countries are going to join Germany in completing those ambitious goals, but the memorandum is an important step towards a Marshall Plan and a bright future for the African continent.