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Highlighting the Importance of Freshwater
A new Name, a New Vision and yet New Faces are to make this Journey one of a Lifetime - Check out the latest News!
World Future Council Study concludes that the future Usage Loss resulting from our current Oil, Gas and Coal Consumption is US $3.2 to 3.4 Trillion per Year
A catchy Article on how "Gangster Bankers" support horrendous Crimes and get away with it continously
Global Marshall Plan Academy 2013 started
A multy-layered, controversy and entertaining Panel Discussion
The EcoSocial Forum of Europe and the EcoSocial students' Initiative are reporting
Sven Giegold, Share and WEED spread the News about the most dangerous Products
Bring in your Competencies and Support the Initiative in Lobbying for a World in Balance
If you haven’t already, sign the Citizens’ Initiative!
World Bank Photo Contest Shows
Due to the Ratification of Uruguay, the new Complaint Procedure for Violations of Social Human Rights becomes effective in 3 Months
The UN General Assembly Resolution is a Milestone in the Fight against the health-threatening Practice
A Conversation with the Author of „2052“ about necessary Disasters, Optimism towards the Future and Climate threatening Capitalism
An Article by Klaas Dykmann, Associate Professor for Global Studies at the Roskilde University in Denmark and Supporter of the Initiative
Raising Awareness in the Austrian Capital and all over the State of Tirol
Listen well; you hear the Sound of Change a-comin’?
First University Days at Zurich, Switzerland, and two new Contact Points in Dresden and Paderborn, Germany
Academy once more approved officially as a Project of the UN Decade Education for Sustainable Environment
Join a global debate, watch amazing films and ask questions about poverty
Lead by the UNESCO, in 2013, stakeholders all over the world are engaged in the raising of awareness about the vital element
Results of a recent study by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)
Topic: Sustainable Development after Rio+20

Local groups are collaborating and cooperation with other regional and local actors internationally.

Thoughts of some Global Marshall Plan supporters
GLS Bank supports Global Marshall Plan Academy workshops nationwide
Recent WEED-newsletter talks about the current political positions
An essay by Silke Helfrich, author and supporter of our Initiative