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Local groups throughout Germany are encouraging people to rethink the current world order.
Altogether more than 600 people reached
"Christmas presents" for the Global Marshall Plan Initiative
The dates of 1-Day-Workshops in Berlin, Freiburg, Augsburg, Hamburg and Zürich, Switzerland, are already fixed, further ones are planned.

The non-profit Organisation / e.V. and edeos - digital education have released one further video clip within the series “Focus Human Rights”. It focuses on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

Unusual speech on Prof. Radermacher by one who has become a successful multiplicator himself
Recent WEED-newsletter talks about the current political positions
The Global Marshall Plan Foundation will have a new address from January
A contribution by Zeki Ergas, author, peace activist and supporter of our Initiative since the beginning
And everyone can participate!

An extensive study by Greenpeace has analyzed garments of leading fashion brands for cancer-causing or hormonally active substances – with shocking results

Three Asian developing countries at the top
Exactly one week before the World Climate Change Conference began, the Worldbank published a report
Let us grab the time before Christmas to encourage more people to rethink with the help of the Change Chocolate
A comment by Mandeep Tiwana, Policy and Advocacy Manager at CIVICUS

‘Climate change and climate adjustment’, ‘Sustainability and business administration’ or ‘World in Transition’: The Virtual Academy Sustainability (Virtuelle Akademie Nachhaltigkeit) offers free classes on the subject of sustainability on their website

Oikocredit is an organisation for people who wish to invest their money sensibly and socially responsible.

Agricultural production must be increased significantly until 2050 as demand is growing clearly faster than offer leading to a rise in prices.

The LANDMARK project strives to enable fairer working conditions along the worldwide supply chain.

Ecosocial Forum Upper Austria invited to an exciting evening with experts

In the end of October, the new UN board ‘High-level Panel on the Post-2015 Development Agenda’ came together for its first important meeting.

‘Save the world now!’ – This claim will accompany the Global Marshall Plan Initiative in our anniversary year 2013.

The International Labour Organization (ILO) has released its new report “Labour in the Global South: Challenges and Alternatives for Workers”.

Just before the annual World Food Day on October 16, two new reports were published, stating which factors critically affect the global food supply and what measures need to be taken to stop the world hunger.

An assessment of the situation by Peter Wahl, WEED (World Economy, Ecology and Development)

In the winter semester 2012/2013, committed supporters of an Ecological-Social Market Economy are at work again and raise awareness through one to three-day long seminars – the University Days Eco-Social Market Economy and Sustainability.

Many supporters of the Global Marshall Plan Initiative have again spent a lot of effort on bringing it a further step forward. Events have been planned, ideas been spread and new projects been created.

The mass production of cocoa often goes hand in hand with exploitation and hardship – child labour, slavery and a lack of social security for the plantation workers are only some examples. In order to identify those responsible and eliminate these conditions, the value chain of chocolate needs to become transparent.