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The „Conference days on sustainability and ecosocial market economy“ project was launched in cooperation with the German Association Club of Rome and four other organisations. So far more than 50 conference days have been initiated and realized, thereby reaching thousands of young people that will be the decision-makers of tomorrow.

Conference days are 1 to 3 daylong informative events, organised by university students and teachers in cooperation with out project office. The focus is on how society can be shaped to become ecologically and socially sustainable, on a national-, as well as on a global scale. The aim of the project is to encourage a stronger emphasis on sustainability debates and education for sustainable development (ESD) in university curriculums.  


By organising a conference day, students and teachers have the chance to realize a thrilling event with an individual focus. Students can develop their skills, especially in the areas of practical event management, interaction with high-profile speakers, partners or sponsors, and in the areas of marketing and public relations. Such skills will greatly benefit their future careers and are highly valued in entry-level jobs of the academic sector.

Teachers, on the other hand, can connect ESD promoting university players with regional partners and students, e.g. by organising a practice seminar that addresses event management skills and sustainability issues.

The organisational team can freely choose from the draft programmes and modules provided by the project office and can set individual focuses. Program contents can be in the form of lectures, workshops, panel discussion, market of possibilities, city tours or film screenings.

The Global Marshall Plan Foundation provides the project office, which will support the organisation teams wherever possible. The office can further provide speakers from its wide network of renowned experts and change-makers spanning its partner organisations Club of Rome, Plant-for-the-Planet, DESERTEC or tt30.

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Information on the, Global Marshall Plan assisted, Conference days can be found here: Project Office of the Foundation

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