Here you can see the ongoing major projects of the Global Marshall Plan Foundation.
Global Marshall Plan Academy

The Global Marshall Plan Academy was founded by those who are committed to the achievement of a world in balance. Through seminars and workshops, we want to demonstrate to participants how they can use certain means and techniques to realise their ideas and further spread the concept of the Global Marshall Plan.

Global Marshall Plan Initiative

The Global Marshall Plan Initiative acts as a networking movement for the realization of a world in balance. The Initiative brings together a broad alliance of positive and focused members, coming from politics, business, academia and civil society, with the aim of achieving a fairer globalisation as according to the key stipulations. It supports a combination of ‘bottom-up’ and ‘top down’ approaches, thus raising awareness and lobbying.

Hochschultage Ökosoziale Marktwirtschaft und Nachhaltigkeit

The "Hochschultage Oekosoziale Marktwirtschaft und Nachhaltigkeit" (e.g. University Days Ecosocial Market Economy and Sustainability) are informative events that run from 1-3 days and aim to encourage debate about the need for a global eco-social market economy for a sustainable future. These events also work to expand networks and stimulate civil engagement. Students can gain invaluable experience for their future by planning and implementing such an event.

Plant for the Planet

Plant-for-the-Planet is a Children's Initiative that operates globally. Through this organisation children fight together for their future and plant trees as symbols for the promotion of climate justice. In Plant-for-the-Planet Academies children who have already been trained work to empower other children by training them to give presentations about the cause and wake people up to the issues: Stop Talking, Start Planting.


The World Commons Forum is an invitation for the realisation of an interdisciplinary platform for decision makers, where joint projects for a world in balance can be developed. With the Motto "Be the change you want to see in the world", the aim is to facilitate a more open and active dialogue in which new ideas can be developed and discussed, through the use and support of modern methods.