Raising Awareness

The networking of civil society is producing changes in our world faster than we could have guessed. Where individual initiatives have failed in the past, today with the help of broad social networks, millions more people can be reached and extensive support can be gained. For the past eight years, the Global Marshall Plan Initiative has been working as an active network, or "Swarm", for those individuals and organisations working towards a World in Balance.

Swarms consist of a numerous individuals and operate by means of direct and self-organised communication. The Global Marshall Plan Initiative is comprised of more than 5,000 individuals and organisations from around the world. The coordinating office manages and supports the activities of these individuals.

By means of communication through the website, the newsletter and the networking of active members, resources are continuously pooled and the network grows always stronger. The coordinating office takes strategic and substantive responsibility for the Initiative and identifies milestones in the realisation of a global eco-social framework. Like in a swarm, the participating individuals and organisations operate within a defined space. It is the concept of the Global Marshall Plan that provides this space and along with it a greater opportunity to create positive change in the world.