Sample PowerPoint-Presentation – Introduction to the Global Marshall Plan

Would you like to deliver a presentation and familiarise more people with the Global Marshall Plan Initiative? Excellent!

Examples of slides from the presentation

You can download the „Presentation Global Marshall Plan“ here. It can be used to inform your fellows via email or you give the presentation yourself. More information about multiplication and how to get active can be found on website about our Academy

You can find the PDF-Version here.


Gladly we’ll send you the original PowerPoint (with notes for presenters) for your individual talk. Just send us an email asking for it:


If you share your experience with us we are more than happy!

  1. You can write a short report about your talk. This way you can motivate others to engage as well.
  2. Be creative! Record your talk and put it online, write a song or shoot a small clip. Every action helps!
  3. Help us to fight ignorance. Get active yourself or promote the campaign "5 Euro against ignorance". Your donation helps us to do our work and continue raising awareness and informing people about the Global Marshall Plan.


Background information concerning topics in the presentation can be found here (in German; old version).