Take Action!

Are you interested in supporting the Initiative? Would you like to help us by raising awareness about the shortcomings of the current system and identifying alternative courses of action?


"Every night the water lilies on a lake propagate themselves

Each night their numbers are doubled

Eventually the water lilies will cover the entire lake

Ten nights before the lake is covered, the lilies cover just one thousandth of the surface

Five nights before, just 3% will be covered.

After this the growth increases exponentially." 

(author anonymous)


When two people can convince another two people to join, and then these people do the same, it can function just like the lilies on the lake... When this pattern were allowed to occur at a rate of just one multiplication per year, it would only take 33 years until the whole of humanity shared the vision and the fight for a world in balance.

If you are interested in exchanging your ideas with like-minded people, in expanding your knowledge and also in taking positive action, you can join a local Global Marshall Plan group or a group from a supporting organisation. Just take a look to see if a group exists near you and give them a call!  

Click here to find a range of contact points, local and university groups.

If you can't find a group in your area, you can take action be the first person to establish a group for your region! Alternatively you could make contact with one of our supporters; perhaps it will be possible to initiate action with them.

Another way to become active and also to encourage others is by participating in the Global Marshall Plan Academy

Discover here what else you can do for a World in Balance!

(Photos: Local group of Schwenningen, Germany, 2012; single activist, Germany; local group of Karlsruhe, 2011)