What can I do?

Don’t let the challenge be too demanding, nor be passive or even ignorant to it. We must network and use our individual competencies together… Find out how you can contribute to a better world!

You can be active for a world in balance in many different ways, depending on your ideas and possibilities to get involved. As well as getting involved with a local group, you can actively support other actors of the initiative. Find out if there is a contact point in your region! Current applications for support can be found in the project exchange section.

Pass on information! There are many ways to multiply the message of the Global Marshall Plan. Get Active - You can attend lectures, or even better, become a lecturer yourself. The Global Marshall Plan Academy regularly offers seminars and workshops, in which motivated individuals are trained as multipliers. Participants are provided with the correct techniques and means to raise awareness of the need for global agreements on behalf of our initiative. 

We provide you with a colorful array of “best practice examples” that inspire you to get involved yourself. Raising awareness, networking and mobilisation are important instruments for a world in balance. The Global Marshall Plan Foundation supports the involvement of many people, organises meetings and communicates the activities of the initiative.

Spread the demands of the initiative. Numerous opportunities can be found in the section Promotion. Take advantage of the broad reach of social networks, become a fan of our Facebook page and support the Global Marshall Plan with your signature!  Promote our work. We spend every Euro scrupulously and with the greatest leverage to achieve our goals. In the section Funding, you will find various opportunities to support the initiative financially. Even the smallest contribution can help to achieve our goal.