17.08.2015 - 10:55

What will Paris be like? The final spurt on the way to more climate protection

At this year's UN Climate Conference in Paris a decision concerning climate protection must finallly be made. And in fact there is something happening!

This august, Barack Obama and his “Clean Power Plan” demonstrated that the USA wants to set an example for climate policy. Limits to fossil power plants shall be implemented to reduce emissions and the legislation could even result in less fracking.

The problem: Obama won’t be able be able to realize all the measures within is legislature – and the fossil lobby’s resistance is massive. However, one thing is clear: His plan, together with his well-made image film (see below) – Obama sends an important message and shows that he really wants to achieve something in Paris. For all the other countries this can be the right sign at the right time in order to reach global agreement.

Of course we are active too, and, through various initiatives, we raise awareness about the importance of a fruitful result in this long lasting climate process:

Together with the Klima Allianz, Greenpeace, the Infostelle Klimagerechtigkeit der Nordkirche, the Zukunftsrat Hamburg and the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Natur-  und Umweltbildung, the Global Marshall Plan Initiative organizes a maritime action in Hamburg.

We want to create a big human picture at Blankeneser Fähranleger right before the climate pilgrims cross the Elbe on their way to Paris, accompanied by a big windjammer with a promotional banners, as well as a fleet of sailing-, rowing boats and canoes.

The climate day of action is part of a global day of action where people in the whole world show their commitment for climate protection. The action in Hamburg is part of the ecumenical pilgrim way from Flensburg to Paris, from 12th September to 28th October 2015 (www.klimapilgern.de).

Take part, start your action in your region and register it on the map: www.klima-bewegen.de